DIY Non-Toxic Glow in the Dark Bubbles

If there’s one summer distraction that I love, it’s the bubbles. I usually keep a small bottle in my purse for those toddler meltdowns that are rarely cured. These glow in the dark bubbles are a fun addition to camp-outs and sleepovers in the backyard. They’re easy to make, and you probably have all of the ingredients at home right now.


supplies for glow in the dark bubbles

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highlighter and pliers


Step 1: Use your pliers to open up the highlighter. Pull the end off of the marker and gently shake out the ink stick (technical term?).

taking apart a highlighter

Step 2: Working over the bubble solution, gently pinch and squeeze out the fluorescent ink until a small amount (4 to 6 drops) has been added.

fluorescent liquid for glow in the dark bubbles

Step 3: Let the fluorescent ink mix well into the bubble solution. Close the lid tightly and shake, shake, shake.

Now the fun part.

blowing glow in the dark bubblesglow in the dark bubble stickblowing glow in the dark bubbles

Go snag a blacklight to really bring out that fluorescent glow, and blow!

neon glow in the dark bubblesglow in the dark bubbles

It was a bit hard to catch on camera (those little suckers are fast), but trust me, these bubbles glow like the moon. Have fun!

**Disclaimer: The fluorescent ink that is mixed in with these glow in the dark bubbles can cause a mini mess when viewed under the blacklight. Minimize the mess by wearing gloves when mixing, and take the fun outside.

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