DIY Upcycled Homework Station

Whether they want to admit it or not, kids love the first day of school. I know my son, Kai, does. He loves seeing old friends and making new ones. One thing they may not love is the dreaded return of homework (dun, dun, dun). Encourage your students to start the year off right by making a DIY homework station together, using items that you already have either in your pantry or recycling bin.

DIY Homework Station: boxes, cans, duct tape


  • Old boxes (I used a cereal box and an instant packet oatmeal box.)
  • 4 used tin cans
  • Duct and/or washi tape
  • Scissors


DIY Homework Station: tin cans, boxes


Step 1: Prepare your tin cans and boxes by tearing off the labels and cutting off the box lids. Cut one third off of one side of the cereal box.


Step 2: Place your boxes together so they are in place. I organized them so the cereal box is in the back and the oatmeal box in the front. I placed two tin cans on each side of the homework station. I connected the station together by wrapping duct tape around it.

DIY Homework Station: duct tape

Step 3: Continue wrapping the duct tape around the station.

DIY Homework Station: duct tape, washi tape

Step 4: Further add decoration by adding washi tape to your design.

DIY Homework Station:

Step 5: Add your supplies: notebook paper, markers, ruler, scissors, etc.

Project complete!

DIY Homework Station:

DIY Homework Station:

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