DIY Washi Tape Locker Message Board Craft

Can you believe it’s back to school time already? Summer flew by here! It seems like we didn’t get to do near as many things as we would have liked to. Here is a super easy, useful, and fun washi tape locker message board craft to help get your kids in the mood for back to school. They can put this in their locker or cubby to hold important notes, items, or even photos.



  • cork board, any size
  • 2 1-inch rolls of washi tape in different colors/patterns
  • 4 large stick-on gems
  • 2 clothespins


Step 1: Cut the cork board to fit your locker. Measure the inside of your locker if you can, and cut your board about an inch narrower.

school locker note craft step 1

Step 2: Outline the cork board with 1-inch wide washi tape on all sides. You could also use duct tape if you’d rather. If you use a wider width tape you can wrap it around the sides to the back.

school locker note craft step 2

Step 3: Cover the fronts of the clothespins with a coordinating color or pattern of washi tape. Trim the sides of the tape down to fit the width of the clothespins.

school locker note craft step 3

Step 4: Stick a gem on each corner of the board.

school locker note craft step 4

Step 5: Glue the clothespins to the cork board. Glue one in the center top, just below the washi tape, so the clip is facing down. Glue the second clothespin about halfway down the cork board.

Step 6: When you’re ready to hang your message board put a double-sided picture-hanging strip at the top to stick it in your locker.

school locker note craft step 6

Step 7: You can use the message board to share messages with friends, to hang photos, or even to keep track of small items in your locker. You can also use tacks in the cork board to post even more notes or reminders.  

school locker note craft final 5

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