Rad Educational Crafts for Kids

Summer is here and school is out! No more teachers, no more books, and all that jazz, right?


My son is starting kindergarten this year, and even though he is young, we have been trying our best to keep him busy and having fun while still learning. It can be tough to come up with new fun ways to keep your kids learning in the summer. To help you (and myself!) out, here are a few brilliant ideas for rad educational crafts to keep your kids learning and having an absolute blast this summer.

crafts 01

How cool is this floam solar system? Not only is floam a lot of fun to play with, but this craft is a great way to learn more about the solar system! Make the planets to size and look up a few fun facts for each one to make it even more fun and educational for your little ones.

crafts 02

If you have little ones who are learning their letters, this would be a really fun craft to make with them! Buy or make foam letters and create add-ons to make each letter look like a corresponding animal. Brilliant! See more about this craft over on Totally Tots.

crafts 03

This is a really great one to do with older kids, or you can just do it yourself and let the little ones stand back and watch. It’s amazing how fun a little science experiment can be! You might even have all you need to make your own water bottle rocket already. Go check, and if you do, have fun! See more on how to make your own rocket right here

crafts 04

Ah, paper airplanes. So much fun! But they are definitely educational too! Learn about aerodynamics and have a blast while you do it with this fun paper plane catapult. As if paper airplanes weren’t fun enough, then they added a catapult? The kids will love this one! See more on how to make your own right here

crafts 05

For some creativity time, these story dice are perfect! Roll the dice and create a story based off of the results. This is guaranteed to be a fun and crazy time with your little future writers! See more and get the printable right over here. Have fun!

More Summer Educational Crafts: