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Sandra Bullock And George Clooney Teaming Up For New Film

Sandra Bullock has signed for her next project and it’ll be in 3D!

Sandra has been lining up her next projects and they’re all looking promising!  It was announced today that she and George Clooney will work together on the sci-fi film “Gravity”, where they will play the only two survivors of a space mission gone wrong and their struggle to get back home – all in 3D. 

Sandra has 3 other films lined up as well.  She’s gearing up to start the film “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” alongside Tom Hanks, as well as re-teaming with Ryan Reynolds in “Most Wanted”, and also playing a dance instructor in “Kiss & Tango”.   I’m so happy we’ll have plenty of Sandra over the next two years – it feels like ages since “The Blind Side” came out!

What do you think of Sandra and George teaming up?  George is replacing Robert Downey Jr., who had to back out due to scheduling conflicts. 

George Clooney Dark suit

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