Big Rich Atlanta Stars Harvin And Meyer Eadon Talk Business, Family And Their Crazy New Show

The Style Network launched a brand new reality show last week, Big Rich Atlanta.  The series will somewhat mirror the formula perfected on its sister show, Big Rich Texas, featuring mother daughter duos from famous and wealthy families around the Atlanta area – with plenty of drama thrown in for good measure. We were lucky enough to sit down with sisters Meyer and Harvin Eadon and their mother Virgina to dish on their first venture into the crazy world of reality television.


Harvin, 30, says their motivation to join reality TV was two-fold.  The first was to avoid having to do the typical 9-5 grind.  “We had real 9-5 jobs, but they didn’t really suit our lifestyle.  We did great at our real jobs, but it wasn’t something we wanted to do forever.“  Their other motive for taking the plunge: to have a platform for their latest venture, their jewelry and fashion line “She Blames Me”.  Meyer and Harvin started dabbling with the idea of designing jewelry and decided to create pieces that were inspired by people who were “haters”.  As an example – the ladder pendant signifies that even though someone may knock you down, there’s always a way to dust yourself off and climb back up.

Big Rich Atlanta will take us behind the scenes as the sisters work together, with their mom’s guidance, to get the company up and running.  All three revealed that working together not only to launch She Blames Me, but filming the show around the clock as well, was “family overload” at times, but they had a blast and bonded not only with each other but with their huge cast of co-stars. 

Meyer, 28, and Harvin left small town South Carolina (where the sisters say they’re hated) for Atlanta two years ago and they couldn’t be more thrilled that Virginia is living with them now.  Both girls credit mom for increasing their quality of life since she moved in.  “Everything is better when mom’s around”.

Virginia isn’t nervous to see what her daughters do and say when she wasn’t around for filming because the girls are pretty open with her to begin with.  The normally very shy mother of three did admit that agreeing to do the show was a big jump for her.  Virginia “wasn’t sure if I could even do it. If I just take a photograph my mouth starts twitching, I can’t even smile right. Nerves.”  For the record, we’ve seen the first two episodes and mom found her groove just fine. 

Interesting tidbits to know about the Eadon ladies:

  • Both sisters were named for their grandmothers.  Harvin’s real name is Cecilia Harvin Eadon, after her paternal grandmother and Meyer’s real name is Virginia Meyer Eadon, after her maternal grandmother.
  • Harvin is an artist and that talent runs in the family – her grandmother and aunt are both well known portrait artists.
  • They have a younger brother who is still in school, but comes to Atlanta on his off days from school.


Harvin’s final thought, “I hope the first episode is really great because I don’t want to have to go back to a 9-5”. We don’t think she’ll have anything to worry about, judging by the reactions to the first two episodes so far!


Have you caught this new show?  What do you think so far?  Episode three airs tonight on the Style network.

Photos by Style