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Parent Guide: Strange World

About Strange World

 The legendary Clades are a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest and most crucial mission. Avalonia is an isolated community, but legendary explorer Jaeger Clade is determined to explore beyond the impassable mountains. His son Searcher doesn’t share his father’s adventurous enthusiasm and instead discovers a power producing plant, Pando, that changes life in the community of Avalonia. Twenty-five years later Pando starts to suffer from a mysterious illness. Searcher and crew set off to find the cause of the plant’s deterioration when they make a more shocking discovery.

Rated: PG


Parent Guide

Best for: 6 and up


One character is presumed dead but there is not comment or discussion about the event

Characters fight off creatures trying to attack them



Mature Content

A married couple kiss

A male character talks about his crush on another male character


Characters find themselves in a several life-threatening situations


Strange World is a nod to classic sci-fi adventures films that features near death experiences, exploring new worlds and battling strange creatures. There are multiple themes throughout the story but the messages of family, legacy, and being environmental friendly are the most prominent. There are numerous heart-to-heart conversations between characters and while they initially disagree, things generally work out for the best. The film does have a lot of talking and while it is an action/adventure movie, some of the conversations may bore younger viewers.

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