25 Movies Dads Will Want to Watch with the Kids on Movie Night

25 Movies Dads Will Want to Watch With the Kids

Being a dad these days is busy work. The more time saving devices they come out with, the less time I seem to have at the end of the day. Making time for a movie night with the kids is fun, and just a great excuse to hang out with them.

I confess, I love family movies. There are so many good ones these days, from those KungFu Panda movies to anything, and I mean anything, Pixar puts a pixel to.


But the backlog of great family movies is extensive, and one of the best things about having kids is I get to relive my own childhood by introducing them to movies and shows I loved when I was growing up, or when their older siblings were growing up. I’m not going to lie and say my choices have always been successful, but it’s definitely worth persisting with, because, I think you’ll agree, finding common interests is important where the tv remote is involved.

I’ve just seen that a movie-version of my old favourite TV Shows, Dad’s Army, has been newly released on DVD. I can’t think of a better Father’s Day gift, can you? (Okay, you probably can, but it’s Father’s Day, okay? You’ve just got to trust.)

Matter of fact, I’ve had some very satisfying success showing the kids the boxsets of old TV series, like Hogans Heroes and Faulty Towers and The Goodies and MASH. Of course, I’ll add old-school Dad’s Army to that list too.

Might be time to slip another little history lesson into the DVD player.


To find the perfect movie or boxed set for your man, head to The Viewing Lounge.

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