Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding Pic: Super or Super Annoying?

I came across Gisele Bundchen's controversial Instagram picture last night while reading an article titled, "If Only All Moms Could Breastfeed Like Gisele." If only?! I had a basket of laundry at my feet, a naked three-year-old running around, and I was attempting to research childcare options for my upcoming return to work. I was also breastfeeding my three-month-old while all of this was taking place — and, no, I was not surrounded by a glam squad, nor was I wearing a white flowy robe (the only thing white on me was the baby spit-up on my very glamorous sweatshirt).


I realize that Gisele meant no harm by posting that picture, but for the average mom who isn't a super model with a Superbowl champion husband, a super salary, and super breastfeeding boobs, we just want her to leave us alone and stop making us feel guilty yet again. Mothers do enough judging of themselves, and we certainly don't need her preaching to us too. She may not believe this, but she is not the picture of the average, multi-tasking mother…and she isn't going to make many friends on the playground if she keeps this up.

Gisele isn't a first-timer when it comes to finger pointing. Not too long ago, she caused a stir saying moms should be required by law to breastfeed. It's great that Gisele is pro-breast milk, but why does she feel the need to make other women feel badly about their choices along the way? She's clearly shown that in order to "have it all", she has to surround herself with a team of people (which comes with a hefty price tag). Her world is not the reality that 99 percent of moms are living in today. Most of us can barely afford daycare, let alone someone to blow out our hair and apply our mascara. We spend most of our days tending to others, not ourselves, while also juggling homework, conference calls, doctors appointments, and dinner. Gisele probably faces many of the same challenges we moms face, so why not share those images and show her true reality?

While rushing to type this blog post before my two kids wake from their naps, I'm also eating cookies for lunch, pumping and still haven't showered today. Oh, and I have 20 pounds of baby weight to still lose. That's my reality, Gisele. And I think it's perfect. 

What do you think of Gisele's breastfeeding photo: Is it super or super annoying?