Salma Hayek Would Quit Acting For Her Daughter

Salma Hayek loves her job, but would stop working if she needed to.


Salma, currently filming the ‘Grown Ups’ sequel, has been fortunate to take her daughter, Valentina, 4, along with her on the sets of her movies. The ‘Savages’ actress says that she’ll do it as long as it works out for her daughter. “It’s working out really well. [Valentina] is really smart and she’s really young. If later on it gets in the way of her development, I’ll just stop working. If in the future, she has to stay in Paris and it’s too much of a separation, I’ll stop working.”

Acting salary aside, Salma can afford to stop working since she’s married to billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault. She says that her husband is an amazing support in her career. “I get a lot of help from my husband. You have to have a partner. When I get freaked out, he’s like, ‘Don’t worry, it will work itself out. How can I help you?’” she shares. “He calms me down. I am more hysterical than he is. A lot of women don’t get support in their professional lives from their husbands.”

Salma can currently be seen in ‘Savages‘, which debuted last week and coming up in October she’ll be starring in ‘Here Comes the Boom’./p>


Photos by WENN