Dancing With The Stars Contestant David Arquette Has The Support Of His Family

Celebrity dad David Arquette has the support of his ex, Courteney Cox, and their daughter Coco as he attempts to take home the mirrorball trophy on 'Dancing with the Stars'.


David shared that his famous ex is on board with his latest endeavor: "She’s been really supportive and she’s been really sweet." He also says that she'll most likely be in the ballroom to cheer him on: "She’ll be there, I’m sure. She’s been very kind about it and very supportive.”

Daughter Coco, 7, had initial reservations, thinking it might be a little embarrassing, but she's coming around and is very supportive of her famous dad:

"She is, she may be a little nervous that I’m going to embarrass her. I’m sure I will with some of the – I’ve already put outfits on for rehearsal.”

On whether or not he'll jump on the spray tan bandwagon:

“I’m not a big fan of orange as a skin tone, but hopefully, I’ll be able to sit out in the sun a little. I do know that that’s part of this game, but you want to look the part and be a part of it so I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do my best.”

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Photos by Wenn.com