Sheryl Crow Is Taking Her Boys On The Road

Sheryl Crow introduces her boys to life on the road.

Sheryl's sons, Wyatt, 3, and Levi, 6 months, are finding that being on the road has it's routine and consistency, as well as some adventure.  The singer says she Googles each new city's offerings before they arrive so she can plan out their daytime activities, which Sheryl says: “It’s parks, aquariums, museums in the mornings.  Then lunch, a nap for them, soundcheck for me, dinner all together, and then I tuck them in their bunks before going on stage. As soon as the show is over, I’m back on the bus and to sleep — hopefully.”

Her sons are both adopted and she explained why she specifically wanted an infant, but didn't care about the race or gender: “It would be extremely hard for a mother to watch the child she gave away then grow up in the magazines. I said I would take whichever baby I was supposed to have.  My philosophy was that souls find each other; you don’t end up with the wrong child.”