Nick Cannon Talks About Fatherhood

Nick Cannon, red carpet, tuxedo

Nick Cannon is looking forward to being a father.

Mariah Carey is still keeping quiet on the subject of her possible pregnancy, but Nick opened up about his desire to be a dad.  Without actually confirming anything, Nick shared his thoughts on babies in his future.  When asked if he knew how many kids they plan to have, he shared: "Not really. I mean, it's just whatever God blesses us with at that time. We'll be happy with whatever it is."  He says that he'll be happy with a boy or a girl: "We just want a healthy child."

Nick says that he hopes to mirror the relationship he has with his parents with his own children: "My parents were actually kids when had me. My parents were still in high school and teenagers — and we have a beautiful relationship. I'll probably be that same way."

Hopefully these two will fess up to the baby news one of these days. 

Mariah Carey, blue dress, Nick Cannon, tuxedo