Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Tries To Keep Her Spirits Up

Lindsay Lohan's mom and sister paid her a visit yesterday.


Dina Lohan and Ali Lohan were snapped yesterday afternoon as they made their way into Lynwood's jail to visit Lindsay. 

I can't even imagine how difficult it is for Dina to see her daughter in jail.  I think it would be any mother's worst nightmare. The good news is that Lindsay is expected to only serve two weeks of her ninety day sentence due to overcrowding, which means she might be out by this weekend.  Then she'll head to an inpatient rehab facility to complete a ninety day program. 

I'm sure Lindsay's family is anxious to put this whole ordeal behind them and move forward.  Hopefully Lindsay will take something positive from the experience.  I have to admit that I'm looking forward to her return to the big screen. It'd be terrific to see her getting media attention for her acting skills and not the crazy drama of late.

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