Jada Pinkett Smith And Family At UK ‘Karate Kid’ Premiere

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Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith attend their son's film premiere.


Jada, Will, and their daughter Willow (9) were on the red carpet in London to support their son, Jaden (12), who co-stars with Jackie Chan in the new version of 'The Karate Kid'.  

Will recently gushed about how proud of Jaden they are. "He's so disciplined and so hard working that it's hard not to push him for more. There's no telling what this kid could do. Jackie and I were having our little private meetings about how to work around mommy", he joked.  He laughed about leaving the tough jobs to Jada. "We got toward the end of the film and it got extended by an extra month. So you tell an 11 year old that we are going to have to stay for an extra month when he was getting ready to go home. Leave that to mommy!"

Have you had a chance to see the new 'Karate Kid' movie?  It's getting excellent reviews!

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