Jennifer Lopez Brings Her Kids To A Photo Shoot

Jennifer Lopez barefoot, green jumper, beach

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony brought their twins along on a photo shoot.

Jennifer was on Malibu Beach yesterday attempting to have her pictures taken with two-year-old Max and Emme.  From the looks of the photos, the twins have hit that stage where they just want to run, run, run, no matter how much you want them to give you just one minute of their time. 

In true toddler fashion, little Max noticed that his mom's other arm was occupied, so he shimmied down her leg in an attempt at freedom.  He finally manages to escape because moments later we see dad chasing him down the beach.  I'm sure all of that wet sand was "calling" to Max.  I can't imagine how they kept the kids clean throughout that shoot! 

Jennifer Lopez, Malibu Beach, Green jumper, barefoot

Marc Anthony white pants, blue button down shirt, barefoot, hat