Stephanie Diggs Chose Between Son’s Separate NFL Games for Thanksgiving

Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images

You may know Stefon Diggs as the Buffalo Bills wide receiver, but did you know that he’s named after his momma, Stephanie Diggs? Well, you should, because she’s one supportive mom.

Both of Diggs’ boys play for the NFL, with Trevon, Stefon’s brother, playing for the Dallas Cowboys. With a whole lot of stamina, and likely a very large stack of frequent-flyer miles, she makes it out to both of their games on a regular basis.


In 2021, however, the focus has been on the younger brother, now in his second year.

Stefon Diggs Doesn’t Mind At All

Diggs told The Buffalo News that he’s “grown” and that he would “rather her be there more” for his little brother.

Before the Dallas Cowboys, Trevon Diggs was with the University of Alabama. Stephanie would only be able to make it out to his Saturday games, with most of her travel tied up with Stefon’s.

Indeed, Stephanie is well-known with the Bills. She’s often photographed with fans, seen on the field with Stefon, and is quoted all the time for lovingly giving her son a hard time. But make no mistake, it’s all love. It would have to be, to do that much traveling year-round.

“She’s used to it. She likes traveling and that sort of thing,” Stefon says. “My mom worked for a very long time. So this is the fun stuff that she likes – bouncing around city to city, seeing new places, and traveling. So I think this is a nice life.”

Stephanie Diggs Had to Make a Decision for Thanksgiving

Both of Stephanie’s sons were playing major games on Thanksgiving this year, which left her with a decision to make.

Originally, her plan was to attend neither game and instead hang at home with Stefon’s nephew Aaiden. Instead, she decided to attend Trevon’s game, and then head to his home in the Dallas area to watch Stefon’s game with him.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys lost, 36 to 33.

After Stefon’s game, he was asked if he had any words for his brother, to which he responded “cheer up,” and that he was “a little jealous” mom went to his game. He added a shout to his brother and an “I love you” to mom.

Would you enjoy flying around the United States as Stephanie Diggs does? Did you know that Stefon Diggs had a mom like this? Let us know in the comments below.