With the Help of Dierks Bentley and Friends, Kids Rally to Save Nashville Theatre

If you’re a kid in Nashville, then chances are pretty good that you know about The Theater Bug, a sweet little community theater run by founder and artistic director, Cori Laemmel. She’s been giving more than 350 kids a year the gift of falling in love with the dramatic arts, so when news came that the theater would have to close its doors due to funding problems, those same kids rallied together with country star, Dierks Bentley and Good Morning America co-host, TJ Holmes, both of whom have kids who attend the magical theater, to save The Theater Bug.



Nashville was still glowing from all the glitz and glamour of the Country Music Awards, which were held the day before when Bentley and Holmes, plus hundreds of amazing kids who have all had the experience of learning drama under the tutelage of Laemmel surprised her with $20,000 to save her theater, which is losing it’s space in 2020, as reported by GMA.


Even more impressive, Disney, which is the parent company of Good Morning America, is giving Laemmel and her family an amazing opportunity to visit New York where they’ll get to see Frozen as well as the once in a lifetime chance to attend a “private dance workshop” on Broadway. Talk about amazing!

In response to the overwhelming surprise and gift of thanks from her current and past students, Laemmel told everyone present at the live announcement on GMA, “There are so many people I love in this room, it’s amazing,” she said. “You guys have absolutely no idea how incredible these kids are, they’re the best humans that exist and to be able to build something that raises the level of the Bug to the art that they’re making and to the kindness they’re putting into the world is just such a gift.”

With lots of love, teamwork, and a few amazing connections, The Theater Bug will continue to help kids grow into strong, self-aware, and courageous people. Congratulations to Cori Laemmel and her entire theater community!