5 Family Friendly Netflix Shows & Movies in April 2019

Portra / Getty Images

Portra / Getty Images

Spring break is here and while my family likes to spend plenty of time outside now that the snow is gone, we also appreciate a little down time watching family friendly movies and shows on Netflix. It’s a nice way to unwind and it’s something we rarely get to do during the school year because of our crazy schedules.

As you scroll through Netflix’s Children and Family section, you may get overwhelmed at the choices. Fear not – I’ve rounded up the most recent picks that both you and your kids will enjoy. From anime to recent releases, the whole family will laugh, cry, and enjoy these films that are available to stream now.



Adapted from a Japanese anime, the series focuses on how Young Shinjiro takes on his father’s ultra suit and gives his best to secure our planet from alien threats. The incredible fight scenes mixed with the fun moments of Shinjiro will definitely be enjoyed by tweens and teens who are looking for some alternatives to Marvel and DC films. Rated: Unavailable.

Spy Kids

Juni and Carmen(brother and sister) must become spies themselves in order to save their secret-agent parents. Armed with high-tech gadgets, they fly through the air, dive under the seas and cross the globe to take down a villain. Rated: PG.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (1&2)

If you’re in for a movie marathon night with your tween or teenager, then check out The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1& 2. The beloved teen bestie films follow the individual journeys of a fab foursome of ladies. The group uses a pair of jeans to try and stay connected despite living across the world. The stories will warm your heart and probably inspire you to go jean shopping. Rated: PG and PG-13.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (Season 6)

Based on the film that was launched in 2016, the series follows the daily experiences and lives of our heroes- the optimistc Queen Poppy, good hearted Branch, fashionista twins Satin and Chenille and the rest of the Bergen friends at the Troll Village.This season features a storyline about how the trolls must face a day without a holiday and another one about Biggie starting a dance craze by accident. Rated: TV-Y7.

No Good Nick (Netflix Original Series)

The show follows a couple named Liz and Ed who open up their home to a young girl named Nick who claims to be a distant relative. Unbeknownst to them, she is seeking revenge for something they allegedly did to her a long time ago. Rated: Unavailable.

Netflix has a pretty wide variety of family content, both in their movies and television sections. If you’re looking for something appealing (and appropriate) for family movie night, there are plenty more excellent offerings coming up. Stay tuned!

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