5 Reasons Why ‘Early Man’ Will Be Your Kids’ New Favourite Movie (And Yours Too)

What do you get when you mix cute clay characters and a clever storyline with a sprinkling of silliness and a touch of toilet humour? Your kids’ new favourite movie – and yours too!

New prehistoric comedy Early Man is set to hit cinemas these school holidays promising big laughs for the whole family.

The new film from director Nick Park (who previously brought us Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit) Early Man takes you back to prehistoric times, where brave Stone Age caveman Dug and his trusty sidekick Hognob find their blissfully happy lives turned upside down thanks to Bronze Age brute Lord Nooth. Dug and Hognob unite their tribe of merry men against Lord Nooth in a gallant, yet hilariously goofy bid to save their village.

Jam-packed with slapstick gags and one-liners, not to mention powerful positive messages, be sure to add Early Man to your must-watch list these holidays.

So, what makes Early Man a hit with kids and adults?

Family-friendly funnies

Let’s face it, there’s nothing funnier than slapstick comedy when you’re kid – and Early Man offers silliness in spades. Kids will be in stitches as they watch scrawny caveman Dug flung wildly through the air or when he falls down a stadium of chairs when he’s meant to be quiet. Older kids are sure to get a giggle out of posters for Bumsoft toilet paper – the number 2 choice!

Classic one liners – ‘Wow! Sliced bread! That’s the best thing since, well, ever!’ – might be lost on kids, but are sure to give adults a good laugh, as will the jolly funny British humour from the all-star British cast. Monty Python fans gets ready.

Loveable characters

If anyone knows how to rock the Stone Age, it’s goofy yet fearless caveman Dug and his hilarious sidekick Hognob. You can’t help but root for the overly enthusiastic young caveman as he throws himself into an adventure of a lifetime peppered with one crazy idea after another. An epic football game is the most logical way to win your village back, right?

Dug’s trusty sidekick may not speak, but his eyes say a thousand words. Hognob’s over-animated facial expressions will have you and the kids in stitches.

Early Man wouldn’t be complete without gutsy cavewoman Goona, who joins Dug and Hognob in their slapstick adventures. A powerful female lead, Goona’s only gripe is that girls aren’t allowed to play football.

Lord Nooth is the perfect villain. Slightly scary for the younger kids, but silly enough in all of the right places to give the whole family a good belly laugh.

Powerful messages to take home

Amidst all the gags and LOL moments, Early Man drives home some important messages for the whole family.

Dug will teach the kids that anything is possible. He faces one challenge after another in his wild adventure to save his tribe, but that doesn’t stop him. He has an admirable, never give up attitude. He believes that you can make your dreams come true if you set your mind to it and fight for what you believe in.

There’s a beautiful underlying theme of teamwork throughout the movie as Dug, Hognob, Goona and the tribe work together to save their village. Every member of the tribe is valued and has a part to play in their fight against Nooth.

Solid storyline

There’s nothing worse than being dragged to a kids’ movie that is a struggle to sit through. You won’t find any annoying characters, painful songs or pointless storylines in this movie. Early Man’s classic underdog story has enough substance to captivate the kids and keep you hooked too.

Stop-motion visuals

Kids will love seeing their favourite clay caveman characters brought to life thanks to Nick Park’s clever stop-motion visuals. Claymation somehow seems to be the perfect way to bring this prehistoric tale alive adding that ‘dawn of time’ feel to the movie.

Early Man is the new prehistoric comedy adventure from four-time Academy Award-winning director Nick Park and Aardman, the creators of Wallace &Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

Early Man is open in select cinemas now (VIC & QLD) and opens nationwide on 12th April. In the meantime, meet the characters on the Early Man website.