How to Make a Perfect Disney Villain

I do lots of things with my 8-year-old daughter, like sewing tiny pillows for exhausted stuffed animals, baking cookies I swear I won’t eat too many of (LIES), and building epic castles out of Legos while protecting them from her light saber-wielding brother. All these things are pretty awesome, but when we find a way to tie in our mutual love of books and movies to the activities we do together, my heart does one serious happy dance.


When she first saw the announcement that there was a movie coming out about Disney villains’ kids called “Descendants,” I doubt there wasn’t anyone in my county who didn’t hear her shouts of glee. I immediately ordered a copy of the novel prequel to the film by Melissa de la Cruz, The Isle of the Lost, for us to read together before the movie premiere. One of my passions is to write about superheroes and magical people, and my daughter loves to make up her own to add to my arsenal of fictional characters, so we’ve been having a great time talking about the ones we read about and new ones we’d love to see show up. The only thing even more fun than making up plain old superpower people with your kid?

Creating the perfect Disney villain.

You don’t need my pint-sized future novelist on hand to do this, as well. With a very specific set of ingredients and the right amount of twinkle in your eye, you and your kids can whip up something fantastically devious this summer, too! Here’s the recipe—just make sure to follow it perfectly (and don’t forget to invite Maleficent to your next party):


A delicious poison apple

The hope of an optimistic princess

A really cool scepter to stir with

The whisper of revenge

A boom of thunder that scares you silly

The scent of rotting roses

A discarded banana peel

A sprinkling of spider legs

A drop of dragon’s-blood-red hair dye

The scratch of glitter

A dash of pride that keeps your chin up

A blaze of magic

A terrible joke told by a dwarf

The shadow of a winged beast

A flash of lightning to help you see

A mirror mirror on the wall

A huff of vanity

The roll of eyes at your mother

A sweep of goosebumps in the night

A swoon of adoration at first sight

The taste of greed

A Dalmatian puppy’s kisses

A scoop of thorns

The hoot of a watching owl

A genie’s penchant for puns

A knowing look from a friend

The screech of nails down a chalkboard

A new set of fingerless gloves

The tickle of a tiny fairy flying by

A dance at midnight


1. Grin wickedly.

2. Combine in a cauldron.

3. Cackle an evil laugh as you stir.


Whomever was looking for trouble.

Preparation time:

As long as it takes your scheme’s plan to unfold.


And don’t forget to tune in to the premier of Disney’s “Descendants” on July 31 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel!

*This post is sponsored by Disney. Thoughts and opinions are my own.