Parents Slam Beyonce For Racy and Raunchy Drunk In Love Grammy Performance

Last night’s Grammy Awards show was filled with performances from many big musical names – both new and old – and from a variety of genres.  Most went off with little fanfare, but Beyonce, who kicked off the show with a racy rendition of “Drunk in Love”, created quite a stir. 

Beyonce opened the Grammy’s scantily clad (with pretty much most of her butt cheeks hanging out) and flashing her vagina whilst sitting on a chair, until Jay-Z joined her on stage and she got up and twerked for her man and all of America.  It was a wild and racy performance like one you might expect to see at the MTV awards (*cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*), but not during the Grammys on a network station, with Beyonce not even altering her lyrics to accommodate the network censors. 

Parents took to Twitter to vent their frustration at not being able to allow their young kids to watch the show.  “Anyone else think that Beyonce’s strip tease could have been delayed until later in the show after most kids went to bed?”  Many others agreed, chiming in, “Isn’t Beyonce one of Michelle Obama’s role models for young children?”.  “It’s 7:00. That performance wasn’t appropriate for children.”  Others thought the performance was just too much for anyone, not just kids.  “All these tweets about inappropriate for little kids. I think not appropriate for anyone.”.  Thousands chimed in with similar sentiments. 

Of course there were plenty of people to disagree, saying that children should be in bed and parents should monitor what they watch, it’s not Beyonce’s job.   “People in America moaning Beyonce’s Grammy performance was too raunchy for children to watch, your children should be in bed. They see worse on TV shows every night & you don’t complain.” 

Where do you stand?  Did you watch the show?  What’d you think?  Did your kids watch with you?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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