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Saturday Night Live Spoofs Kim Kardashian And Kanye West With Guest Lady Gaga

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the latest celebrities to get the SNL skit treatment.  This weekend, with Lady Gaga as the special guest, the Saturday Night Live cast took a few hilarious shots at Kimye.  They put together a talk show called “Waking Up with Kimye”, featuring Lady Gaga as a nerdy Apple Genius Bar employee. 

I’m not sure if SNL can expect any return appearances by Kanye since it’s widely known that he doesn’t take jokes very well.  He famously feuded with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks back after Kimmel mocked a recent Kanye interview using kids.  The two made up on the show, but it was still a very intense and awkward interview, with Kanye ranting for minutes on end about what a genius he is.

Take a look at the video and share your thoughts below!  Do you think Kanye will laugh or be offended again?



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