14 Winter Movies You’ll Actually Want to Watch with Your Kids



Grumpy Old Men

If your kids think you are cranky, they will get a real kick out of watching two old guys who have been tossing insults at each other for 50 years take it up a notch when they both fall for the same woman. Their cantankerousness can put a smile on anyone’s face, and show your kids that maybe you aren’t quite as grumpy as they thought you were. (Maybe.)

Rated PG-13

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Rise of the Guardians

Santa! Jack Frost! The Easter Bunny! The Tooth Fairy! The Sandman! Personalities clashing! Puns galore! Good vs evil! Everybody’s in town, working together to protect kids, and it is a great ride no matter which of the characters on screen you can relate to most. Go team!

Rated PG

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The Santa Clause

I laughed just as much as my kids did watching Tim Allen try to hide the fact that he was magically becoming the new Santa Claus. It manages to be both positive and poignant, without weighing too heavily on the serious stuff. And, really, can there ever be too much silly elf humor? Answer: NOPE.

Rated PG

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There is a slight chance you maybe have heard about this one before? Possibly? JUST KIDDING. It probably has been a few months or so since you’ve had this movie on constant replay, so it’s time to jump back in. Once it starts you’ll all catch yourselves singing along, laughing despite yourselves (oh, Olaf!), and getting won over all over again when the ending’s lovely twist is revealed.

Rated PG

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