Top 6 Apps For Movie Going

The Oscars are just around the corner and with these 6 Apps you will be ready for movie going, and movie trivia.


1. Vanity Fair Hollywood:Oscars Edition

Are you ready for the Oscars? Not to worry, Vanity Fair’s free app has you covered. Read up on the nominees, watch movie trailers and learn all you can before making your predictions. When you’re ready use the app to choose your winners then track your accuracy on Oscar night. Looking for some competition? Log in to Facebook and see how your predictions are faring against your friends. May the best movie fan win!

2. NetFlix

Netflix has tamed our movie budget and broadened our viewing horizons. Thanks to instant viewing our family has been able to watch movies and programs we’d never be able to find. Pink Panther cartoons, movies from our childhood, BBC programming, the variety is endless. The free Netflix app makes it easier than ever to watch from your instant queue. A few simple taps and you’ve essentially got another television, something that’s solved numerous sibling squabbles in our home.

3. Fandango Movies-Times and Tickets

When it comes to seeing movies in the theater we love Fandango. No need to wait in line, hoping for a ticket to a brand new movie. We can leave the house with our tickets already in hand. Thanks to the Fandango app it’s possible to buy tickets while you’re out and about, away from your home computer. The app will provide you with movie times, reviews, ratings and showtimes. With a “GoNow” feature you’ll quickly be able to find movies playing near you that are starting within the hour. Fandango Movies is terrific for spontaneous, or planned, trips to the movies.

4. IMDb Movies & TV

The IMDb app will settle any arguments about who the actor was in that light night movie you just caught on cable. It’s the largest collection of movie, television and celebrity information. IMDb lets you search through movie titles, actors, actresses, directors and more to find information on their projects. You’ll be able to see cast lists, photographs, trailers, reviews and plot synopsis. It’s easy to get lost in here hopping from film to film as you read trivia about favorite movies and upcoming feature films.

5. iCollect Movies Pro

iCollect Movies Pro is an organizational app for serious movie collectors. It allows you to catalog your movies and then search by title, genre, actor, etc. to find the movie you’re looking for. You’ll have an opportunity to note when you last watched the movie and what you thought of it. If you loan titles out to friends you can use iCollect to keep track of who has what. This is an app that will keep you organized whether you like it or not.

6. Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster is a fun and informational app for reading about upcoming movies. My favorite thing to do is watch the movie trailers since I don’t catch many of them on TV. You can also read details about the movies and reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes website. Flixster will find movie showtimes and provides a map of theaters in your area. You can browse a catalog of DVD movies and manage your Netflix queue all from within the app. It’s a fantastic all-around free movie app.