Unbelievably simple and very cute, these felt napkin rings would make the perfect personalized touch to your next party.

Great for kids and adults alike!

You’ll Need:

  • Stiffened Felt – 9×12 sheet
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Embroidery floss – various colors

First, cut your 9×12 sheet of stiffened felt into 1 inch strips. You can get stiffened felt from pretty much any craft store. I accidentally cut mine before taking pictures – oops!

Fold your one inch strips in half, making them 6 inches x 1 inch.

Next, pinch one end of the strip and cut a slit. Carefully, make sure not to cut to the ends!

It should look like this.

On the opposite end of the strip, cut the tip into a point.

Now cute two small slits from either side of the strip, but make sure they don’t meet in the middle!

Now connect your ends. Take the pointed tip with the slits and slide it through the opposite end allowing the two small slits to lock the ring in place.

Now that you have your basic napkin ring, let’s monogram!

Take your needle and poke holes in the shape of the letter you would like. You can do smaller stitches, but I opted for longer ones.

Thread your needle with your choice of embroidery floss and start stitching!

Once you have finished embroidering, knot and cut off your ends.

Now re-connect the two ends to make it a napkin ring again.

And you’re done!

Enjoy your new napkin rings. Your guests are sure to love them!