Kim Kardashian’s Bare Butt Photo: Is it Worse Because She’s a Mom?

The photo was shot for the cover of Paper mag’s winter 2014 issue, with the cover line “Break the Internet.” In it, the reality star is slithering out of a black gown, looking coyly over her shoulder. I guess the photo is supposed to be sexy and provocative. But, when I saw it I just thought it looked desperate and lame. My husband didn’t even seem to notice the photo; he was too busy making fun of the anchors for making a big deal about how they had to censor it (“OMG, it’s a butt!!!). A minute later we went back to our morning routine…and I forgot about the whole thing.

Then, this afternoon, someone asked me whether I thought the photo was worse because Kim’s a mom. I suppose I’m mixed on the issue. On one hand, Kim is proudly flaunting a butt that doesn’t fit our society’s ideal totally ridiculous standards (what, with Calvin Klein sending the message that size 10 is plus size) — and self love isn’t a bad message to send to your daughter. Kim loves her body, everyone else’s opinions be damned, and everyone knows it. But then there’s the part about being a role model for your kids and acting as you want them to act. And does Kim really want her daughter flashing her bare butt on the cover of a magazine or even Instagram, say, when she’s a teenager? Does Kanye?!  Er, I hope not.

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