Matt Damon’s Sad But Excited To Move His Daughters To L.A.

Matt Damon, his wife Luciana and their four daughters – Alexia, Isabella, Gia, and Stella – are gearing up for a big move from NYC to L.A.

Matt and his family have enjoyed life in NYC, especially being close to Matt’s hometown of Boston, but the celebrity dad is ready for a change.  The hunky “Elysium” star wants his girls to have more room to roam and to be raised alongside his friends’ kids.  “Basically all of our friends with little kids are out there [in L.A.]. We’re a little conflicted. We love it here (NYC), we’re really happy here and New York will always be here. It might just turn out to be a little jaunt out there and then a return. It’s hard to leave here.”

He shares that Alexia is looking forward to the move the most, but Gia, Stella and Isabella will come around.  “Our oldest one is excited. The younger ones, I think it’s kind of hard for them to grasp it. They’ll have a yard, and they’re really excited about that. That’s not something you get [in New York City].”

I have a feeling Matt will find a place near Brentwood since that’s where his close pal Ben Affleck resides with Jennifer Garner and their three kids.


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