Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Traveling Alone With Two Kids and Dishes On Her New Show

Sarah Michelle Gellar is enjoying the new challenges of being a working mom of two!

Sarah and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. are parents to daughter Charlotte, almost 4, and Rocky, 10 months.

The actress share that she had finally had the experience of flying alone with two small kids. 

Sarah shared, “The latest milestone I hit is flying with two children. It was my first flight with both children at the same time.  I think that nobody on the flight would complain. I think that they were all very happy. I didn’t poll them afterward, but I was tempted.  [Charlotte] pretended to be the pilot. She told everyone to sit in their seats and buckle their seat belts constantly, which was pretty funny. Whenever the light went on, she decided that she had to tell everyone just in case.”

Sarah is starring in the upcoming CBS series “The Crazy Ones” alongside funnyman Robin Williams.  Sarah brought her kids to the set and Charlotte was smitten with her co-stars.  “My daughter was so excited to meet the man with all the friends. That’s what she calls Robin Williams because he sings the song ‘Friend Like Me’ [from Aladdin].”   

But Charlotte quickly “dumped” Robin when she saw singer Kelly Clarkson on set, “Once she met Kelly and Kelly was around, my daughter was no longer interested in the man with all the friends. I felt so badly because he was so excited. Thankfully, Rocky was so in awe of Robin that I think Robin got over it, but he did feel very second fiddle to Kelly Clarkson.”

Are you planning on checking out their new show?  Here’s a video sneak peek.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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