Tim McGraw, suit, cowboy hat

Tim McGraw Teams Up With Feeding America

Tim McGraw, suit, cowboy hat

Tim McGraw shares that his family's struggle when he was young inspired him to help Feeding America.

Tim helped the organization kick off the Hamburger Helper Show Your Helping Hand Campaign yesterday.  The actor and country singer shared his own childhood experience with hunger: "I remember my mom being a single mom and working. I also remember not really having enough money for food sometimes. It's so heartbreaking to think of children going hungry, especially in a country as wealthy as ours. It’s hard to believe that one in six people struggles with not having enough food,”

Hamburger Helper has already donated $525,000 to the Feeding America Campaign and will donate up to another $100,000 for codes entered online.  If you go to www.showyourhelpinghand.com and enter codes found on the Hambuer Helper boxes, they will donate 17 cents per code.

Kudos to Tim for getting involved with such a great cause!

Tim McGraw, suit, jeans, cowboy hat

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