Angelina Jolie Is Learning Patience From Her Kids

Angelina Jolie, gray silver dress with pink accents thigh slit, signing autographs, Salt premiere

Angelina Jolie shares what she's learning from her children.

The mom of six said that her kids are teaching her to be patient:  “Like every mother, I’m learning patience and all these wonderful things from them".  She is looking forward to seeing where there lives will lead them:  "and I’m just so curious to see who they’re going to be when they’re older.”

Angelina was in London today for the UK premiere of 'Salt'.  She spent some time signing autographs for fans before heading in for the screening.  Have you had a chance to see the movie yet?  I saw it last week and thought it was pretty intense! What'd you think of it?

Angelina Jolie, gray silver floor-length dress with pink accents, beige gray peep toe heels

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