Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Glam Up For ‘Salt’ Premiere

Angelina Jolie black sequin Emporio Armani dress, nude peep toe high heels Ferragamo, diamond earrings Brad Pitt Tom Ford Suit

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reminded us why they are the world's most famous couple.

The supercouple hit the red carpet last night for the premiere of Angelina's new movie 'Salt'.  Angelina sparkled in a black sequined Emporio Armani strapless mini dress with Ferragamo peep-toe heels. Can I just say that I'm SO relieved to see Brad ditch that beard?! He looks fantastic when he's not "fighting the hot" with a scraggly beard.  Brad had to shave it to start filming 'Moneyball', otherwise who knows how long he might have kept that face covered up.

Also enjoying a grown-up night out without the kids: Angelina's co-star Liev Schreiber and his fiancé, Naomi Watts

The movie hits theaters this Friday.  Are you going to check it out?

Brad Pitt Tom Ford Suit, sunglasses, Angelina Jolie Black sequined dress Emporio Armani, Ferragamo nude peep-toe heels, Asprey cuff, diamond earrings

Naomi Watts silver mini dress, silver high heels, liev schreiber suit, brown shoes

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