The Joy of Valentine’s Day as a Single Mom

My son and I spent a good two hours making 18 Valentines for his school friends. I was so proud of him as he carefully wrote out their names: SA-VAN-NAH! TIM-O-THY! He took pride signing his name (18x!), adhering little heart stickers and fun cartoon tattoos. He took equal pleasure in making his teacher a special Valentine and selecting a chocolate treat for her at Target. His classroom is having a Valentine’s Day party where the kids will share cards and candies—and enjoy cupcakes, which I’m sure will be topped with five inches of sugary frosting and sprinkles. 

So we covered the kids and the teachers—what about the single moms? 

Good news is, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. We’re tired. For us, it’s likely a freezing cold Friday, as the East Coast is about to get pounded by more snow tomorrow. My son has school all day and I’ll be working from my home office on a Glamour story about … sex and relationships (how fitting!) until I pick him up at 2:30 PM. From there, we’ll hit the bowling alley as a surprise treat! Back at home, I predict a delish pizza and some wine for mommy. 

We’ll top off the night with a movie of my son’s choosing and cuddle on the couch. I’m excited to spend Valentine’s Day with a timeless, lasting love. To me, Valentine’s Day is an extra special day to celebrate the people you love, that love you back. Like, for real. 

You know it’s true parents: Valentine’s Day is a grownup holiday until you have kids and you’re vacuuming up glitter from homemade crafts. Until you’re picking up red-dyed, heart-shaped bagels at 7 a.m., or making cutout heart grilled cheeses. And I’m content with that! Like NYE, it’s an overrated holiday to spend out on the town, where the meals are extra pricy and the restaurants are crowded and loud with couples, lovers, and awkward first dates.

Here are some fun craft ideas to make with your little ones this week. Enjoy! 


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