Advice I Never Asked For

There is no group of people more subject to unwanted advice than Moms. When it comes to raising kids, everybody seems to be an expert. And everybody, from Grandma to Mother-In-Law to the old lady on the street to the UPS Man seems to want to chime in on what Moms can be doing better.

I always feel so rude telling the truth, when I hear this question: Can I give you some advice?

In my head, I’m screaming, “NO!”  No, I don’t want your advice. If I wanted it, I would have asked for it. But I don’t dare say it out loud, because somehow you’re considered rude if you don’t take the parenting advice of every Tom, Dick and Stranger. When you are a Mom, the whole world thinks they have the “special bit of parenting advice” you can’t live without.

When I was a new Mom, I expected the unwanted chiming in from my own family or from my husband’s, I just didn’t expect the whole world to chime in on what was best for my child, myself or my marriage. Truth be told, strangers have some crazy advice. Like the lady who told me I should put cornstarch on my son’s diaper rash. A doctor might recommend say…diaper crème for diaper rash. But not the checkout lady at Ralph’s, she thinks I should put food products on my kid’s sensitive tush.

And that’s not the worst of it.  So here’s a list of some of the unwanted advice I’ve been given since becoming a Mom. 

Newborns should always sleep with lights and music so they don’t get used to sleeping in the dark or in a quiet room.

For teething, put scallions on the baby’s gums.

Baby can’t sleep? Give him a teaspoon of Whiskey!

Never talk about your husband’s ex.

If you don’t breastfeed your baby, she’ll be sick all the time.

Little boys should have short hair.

If you don’t sleep with your baby, he’ll think you don’t love him.

Never cosleep with your baby. You’ll never get him out!

Never, ever give a baby under two-years-old medicine, even if she has a fever.

If you don’t lose the baby weight quickly, you’ll never lose it.

Your child will tell you when he wants to get out of diapers.

At three months, your baby is ready to cry it out.

Kids who watch ipads in a restaurant can’t sit still.

Kids today have too many activities.

If your kid isn’t on a team sport by age 6, he’ll never learn to be a good sport.

If your baby naps, she won’t go to sleep at night.

When your baby starts eating solids, you have to mix every food with yams.

And yes, someone told me to put cornstarch on my son’s diaper rash! Did I leave any off the list? What advice have you been given that you didn’t ask for? Come on. Do tell…