What Superbowl?

My ex is a sports fanatic of the British variety. Not that he’s British but after spending some time in a pub while Manchester United was taking on Real Madrid, I realized he’s that sort of fan.

This means every Superbowl was a Very Big Deal. For the record, I’m not a sports fan and think the whole this is a Very Silly Deal.

After we separated, the most amazing perk revealed itself.

I didn’t have to watch games.

No whistles from the refs. No annoying sports announcers. No shut down of life on Monday and Sunday evenings. It was bliss.

And I didn’t have to sit and pray for Superbowl Commercials to break up the game. I could watch them all online. Or not.

This year, I forgot about the Superbowl until floods of updates started to hit my facebook feed. The kids and I were in the middle of a gardening/baking/soup making/shoe shopping Sunday. A football game – THE football game was not on my radar.

It was bliss.

So while I’m sure everyone had a great time watching the game, eating snacks, and celebrating this holiday – because let’s face it, it’s a holiday – I’m was happy with my oblivion.

Did you watch the game? Are you a football fan?