Dating as a Single Mom

Shall we compare?

Meeting a Man

Single Woman: A friend of a friend has a really cute brother who’s totally interested. So you exchange a few flirty phone calls or texts and set up a date.

Single Mom: You go online because all your friends and their friends may have a really cute brother but he’s married with three kids.

Setting Up a Date

Single Woman: You play coy and pretend you have a full schedule to make it appear you’re in high demand.

Single Mom: You flip through your calendar and, without a coy bone in your body, set a date five weeks in the future crossing your fingers you can find a sitter.

Preparing for a Date

Single Woman: You get a mani/pedi, spend an hour getting ready, making sure every hair is in place. You might buy a new outfit – depending on the mood and how cute the guy is.

Single Mom: You wear closed toe shoes, spend twenty minutes trying to get ready while the kids pepper you with questions, and notice jam on your white slacks after you’ve left the house.

On the Date

Single Woman: You wow your date with tales of work, your last trip abroad, your funny hobbies.

Single Mom: You wrack your brain for stories that aren’t about your kids or mom group.

After the Date

Single Woman: You make out with him for hours, talking long into the night. You wander home as the sun rises, starry eyed and looking forward to date number two.

Single Mom: You’re tired before dessert because it’s past your bedtime. You decline the after dinner port because you need to get home before your babysitter charges you the national income of a small country.

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