Newborn Baby Pictures

12 Stunningly Beautiful Newborn Baby Pictures

I wanted to take a million newborn baby pictures of my girls. I was amazed at how tiny they were. I wanted to remember every detail of their faces and fingers. It was, and still is, kinda of awe-inspiring that my husband and I made two brand new people. What’s even more amazing is that qualified medical professionals let us take them home. No matter how many books I read and pregnancy magazines I skimmed, I had no idea what being a parent was really going to be like.

It’s been years since I’ve had a newborn in the house, but all of those newborn baby pictures are still precious to me. I love seeing how they’ve both changed in the years since we first brought them home. My oldest girl went from having grey eyes to light brown. Her hair was jet black, but now it’s brown with natural caramel highlights. She looks like a totally different person. My younger girl was so chunky and full of doughy rolls, that I thought she’d roll rather than ever learn to walk. Looking back at those photos of my newborns is endlessly fascinating and amazingly awesome.

Here are inspiring ideas for your child’s newborn baby pictures.


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