How to Encourage Confidence in Baby

We all need confidence to develop and progress as people—babies need self-confidence, too! They’re learning a whole host of new skills on a daily basis.  As a new parent, there are lots of ways you can help your precious newborn develop self-confidence.  You can start nurturing this vital quality in your baby right from the word go, helping her confidence to increase as she grows older.

Close Contact

Babies thrive when they’re in close contact with their parents. The world outside the womb is completely alien to your newborn  so keeping her close to you is the best way to let her know she is loved and secure. When babies feel safe in their environment, they begin to feel confident.

How to keep Baby close? Try a using a sling or carrier or simply hold your baby. Remember that close contact with Dad helps build a strong bond and confidence, too.


Dr Sears, the attachment parenting guru, states that responding to your baby’s cues is a vital part of building self confidence. When babies know that their needs are met, they feel more secure and confidence will naturally follow that feeling of security.

One of the first cues new parents need to learn to recognize is hunger.  The key is recognizing your baby’s hunger cues before she gets so frustrated she needs to cry (a late sign of hunger). Your baby learns that her cues are being picked up on by her parents and her confidence grows because she doesn’t worry that her needs won’t be met. Of course, the best way to learn to recognize your baby’s cues is simply to spend time with her, building a bond of trust and love.

Communication and Praise

Babies begin to communicate from the day they are born, and encouraging these skills can go a long way to helping you and your baby to understand each other. When your baby knows you understanding her, she feels less frustrated and so her confidence increases.

How to encourage communication with Baby? Try these great tips to encourage communication skills here.  Praise your baby’s efforts; if she does something new, or tries something new, always praise her by speaking in a happy voice and smiling. Your baby will learn that you are pleased with her efforts and be encouraged to continue developing new skills with confidence.

As Baby Grows Older . . .

As your baby grows, continue to encourage her development every step of the way, continuing to provide a loving, nurturing environment in which she feels safe and secure in her new discoveries. Stimulate your baby’s developments by providing toys and sensory activities, and help to encourage her confidence in group situations by attending local baby groups and letting her interact with other babies.  As your baby starts to show independence and wants to do things on her own, encourage these developments in a supportive way, so your baby knows you are there for her at all times.