4 Must Haves When Heading Out with Multiples

Heading out with twins, triplets or more may never be easy, but it can certainly be more manageable if you have the proper gear and equipment.

When heading out with your multiples, be sure to have these 4 items at the ready.

1. A quality double stroller.

Maneuvering multiples can be a challenging task. When heading out and about with infants, a stroller frame that accommodates two or more infant car seats is crucial (check out doubledeckerstroller.com). For older infants and toddlers, a side by side double stroller with individual fully reclining seats (like the Maclaren Twin Techno) is essential. Side by side umbrella type strollers are lightweight and tend to be easier to maneuver. Having both seats that fully recline can also make taking a nap while out and about more comfortable and manageable for your multiples.

2. A fully loaded diaper bag.

When heading out with multiples, carrying only the basics simply won’t do. Opt to include a large resealable pack of wipes, one diaper for each baby for every two hours that you’ll be gone, plus one, a change of clothing for each child, diaper ointment, lotion, hand sanitizer, bottles, formula and water (if formula feeding), burp cloths, small plastic trash bags, bibs, a small knit blanket and a spare shirt for yourself in your diaper bag. Since you’ll most always need both hands free, a diaper bag that doubles as a backpack is a good option (check out petunia pickle bottoms extensive collection).

3. Snacks.

Always have a bottle of water and a portable snack ready for yourself. It takes a lot of energy to care for multiples and you’ll never know when you need a little more. For older multiples, carry individually wrapped snacks and drinks along with you.

4. A first aid kit.

Keep a basic first aid kid in your car at all times. Purchase a first aid kit or make your own by filling a plastic container the size of a show box with a thermometer, first aid ointment, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, band aids, pain reliever, aloe, ice packs, gauze and hypoallergenic first aid tape.
Heading out with two or more in tow can be challenging, but if you’ve got the right gear and equipment, you’ll meet the challenge head on and do just fine.