The Best Sleep Sacks For Summer

Dressing a baby/toddler for sleep is inherently stressful because they can’t communicate how they’re feeling. This stress is especially high in those early weeks when babies are still working to regulate their body temperature.

We all react somewhat differently to the same temperature. There have been many mornings when I’ve woken up covered in sweat and my husband is perfectly fine or he woke up freezing and I’m fine. Clearly he runs cold and I run hot. My son seems to similarly run hot – even hotter than me. There were quite a few mornings where I took him out of his crib only to notice sweaty sheets even though I found the room temperature pleasant. The temperature setting with our Nanit does help somewhat, but more-so to make sure it’s within range, I don’t count on it for 100% accuracy. Luckily thanks to the magic of Taking Cara Babies even if the temperature is a bit off, my son doesn’t wake up at night (note he is almost a year – I’m not talking about newborns which require a lot closer attention).


So how do I dress my baby for sleep? I do what was recommended to me by sleep exerts: a short onesie and a sleep sack. For more specifics, checkout this helpful guide from Mori above. I’ve also transitioned to lighter sleep sacks.

Keep reading for a look at the best (including one designed for all four seasons if you don’t want to transition).

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