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Breast Pumps Through Insurance: Your 101 Guide

Here’s a fact you might not know: breast pumps are usually covered by insurance.

“When the ACA (Affordable Care Act) was passed, it mandated that all insurance companies and plans cover the cost of a breast pump,” says Molly Petersen, a certified lactation counselor (CLC) at Lansinoh.  “Most plans allow a mom to receive a double electric breast pump for free. Depending on your plan the choices may vary, but most moms are able to get at least a basic, quality, double electric breast pump fully covered by their insurance.”


Petersen goes on to note that if there’s a specific pump that you really want and it isn’t covered by your insurance or if you want to upgrade to a pump that includes more accessories, many plans and DMEs (the company that sends you your pump and bills your insurance) will allow you to pay for an upgrade. These upgrade charges can range from around $30-$50 all the way up to $200-$300, depending on the pump brand and model you choose.

Here are some tips, according to Petersen, for shopping for a breast pump.

  • Check out your options. “A lot of plans have different options available when it comes to breast pump coverage. Figure out what options are available to you before you start researching.”
  • Think about what your specific pumping experience will look like. “Are you going to be mostly pumping on the go, at work, or at home? What features offer you the most comfort and convenience and make sense for you situation?”
  • Read reviews and talk to other moms. “Moms who have already been through the experience of breastfeeding and pumping are a great resource. They can tell you what’s really important when it comes to pumping and what is and isn’t worth the potential extra expense.”

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