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The Best Baby Bottle Options

When it comes to baby bottles it’s hard to call any one bottle the best because what one baby may love another one will reject. If you can, it’s best to buy one bottle from of a few different brands and test out what your baby likes.


You’ll also want to sterilize all the bottles before you welcome your baby – it’s pretty much the last thing you’ll want on your to do list once baby arrives. Baby Brezza’s Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer is highly recommended to make the sterilizing process less of a headache just make sure to use distilled water to avoid mineral buildup (and don’t forget you can use the device to sterilize and dry all your accessories, including pacifiers like this one). Note, you don’t need to sterilize your bottles after every use – though some parents do or, at the very least, do so on a monthly basis for the first few months. As a general rule, sterilizing is really only necessary when a bottle is new or when your baby is sick.

Next, you’ll want to consider if you plan on breastfeeding, formula feeding or doing a combination of both as different bottles are designed to work better for each scenario. You might also want to have a bottle designed for colic and gas on hand; these come with built-in valves which are very effective, but not easy to clean and dry (again, that’s when something like a Baby Brezza device comes very handy). As for material, while most people think all baby bottles are plastic, today many come in silicone, stainless steel and even glass. Lastly, pay attention to the nipple and bottle size when buying a bottle. There are three stages, so for your newborn make sure you’re opting for a bottle with a stage 1 nipple to control the speed of liquid into their mouth and you’ll only need a 4oz bottle to start.

Now, let’s get into specifics. Read on for some of the best baby bottle options!

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