Pam Lewis

Pam Lewis

Pam is the creator and editor of outsidevoice ™ which she founded in 2005. She is an old soul in high heels, accessories whore and mom in search of the perfect piece of cheesecake. (Not always in that order.) She believes every personal collection should include the aspirational, the attainable, humor, and charm. That goes for her people collection as well.

Because information is her gateway drug she is also deeply involved in the mom-blogging and social media communities where you can find her interacting globally on topics like style, beauty, food, philanthropy, her latest retail wish list and the ridiculousness that happens when you live with a four-year old and nine-year-old.  Want to join that Twitter cocktail party?  Follow Pam at @outsidevoice.

You can find Pam on Tumblr under her evil twin's handle AccessoryWhore ® and creating inspiration boards on Pinterest as well. She is a little obsessed with the imagery, but has no plans to seek help any time soon.

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