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Leila Lewis

Leila Lewis

Leila Lewis is the founder of the Los Angeles-based wedding and lifestyle firm, Be Inspired PR, and the ever so popular blog, Inspired by This. Leila has developed her brand while simultaneously raising a family of her own, giving her content a family-friendly flair. Leila can be found scouting gelato shops in Italy, dressed in cowboy boots, sipping on a glass of Demetria Pinot Noir or spending time on the beach with her husband, Tony, baby girl, Londyn, and golden retriever, Marlo. Whether you’re looking to vamp up your mommy style, decorating your first home, or welcoming your first baby, Leila hopes to inspire you with unique content. Find daily inspiration on Leila’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages! And you won’t want to miss her incredible Pinterest boards either!



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