Jen Narciso

Jen Narciso

Jen is the founder of Investor Mama and host of the Investor Mama Podcast. She  believes anyone can get out of debt and achieve financial independence by  getting educated, changing his or her habits, and changing their money beliefs.  Her goal is to help as many moms and families as she can with their money  journey so they can set an example for the next generation.  

Before launching her business, Jen worked for several years in the nonprofit world  in evaluation, operations, and project management. Over the years, Jen has  followed her passions and developed her skill sets as a self-taught entrepreneur,  real estate investor, and recently became a real estate agent. She has also done  consulting work, helping other small business owners implement their visions.  

Jen has two beautiful young children and one beautiful angel baby. In her “spare”  time, she loves to travel, is an adamant reader on anything money related, and  most importantly, likes to create memorable moments with her family and  friends. 

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