Versatile Beds for Kids of Any Age


Whether you’re shopping for a crib for your newborn baby or looking for a kids bed that will transition your toddler into more of a “big kid” style bed, this company is sure to have what you’re looking for.

When you set out to furnish your kids room, undoubtedly you’ll want to invest in a bed that’s not only high quality and built to last, but we know you’ll want it to be stylish too.


altIf there’s a toddler in your house, this IoLine Toddler Platform Bed will be the perfect choice since it’s available with decorative sides and a headboard that helps keep “wigglers” in place and safe from rolling out of bed. It comes in two styles, either with squared or sloped sides, and its graphic shapes and cutouts provide more than just safety, they’ll also give your child’s imagination a place to roam as they pretend to be on a ship or hiding somewhere behind vines in the jungle.  It’s also available as a conversion kit, so it can be either a toddler or twin bed, whichever you choose.




altThe sleek and modern look of this Caravan Crib has itself won more than one award, and not just for it’s cool design either.  It’s fully sustainable materials are made from FSC Certified domestic Maple and you’ll rest easy knowing that it’s finished with 100% non-toxic and food safe materials that will keep your baby safe and healthy. It’s mattress is fully adjustable in height and will adapt to a full toddler bed conversion too. The hardest part will be having to make a choice between the five amazing colors its available in, since it’s offered in raw Maple, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue or Green rails, any of which will give your baby’s room the contemporary edge you’re envisioning.





Is it a bed or is it a couch?  It’s totally up to you or your child to decide how they want to use it. The best part about the Caravan Divan’s design is that it takes up minimal space in a room, yet it’s still spacious enough that your child will be able to use it for years to come. And it’s design is so well thought out, that it works perfectly as your toddler’s first “big kid bed”, or it can also become their favorite place to curl up and read a book.  It’s available in 6 different finishes and you can smile, knowing that it’s constructed of the highest quality FSC certified, locally sourced sustainable materials.








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