Lead the Way Kindly

altAny one of these 3 well-designed dog harnesses will make walking your dog a much kinder and more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Does it ever feel like you are dragging your dog around by his neck when you go out for a walk? Somehow, that scenario just doesn’t seem very humane. Or if the reverse is true and you feel like YOU are getting dragged around by your dog when you go out for a walk, it might be time you switched to using a harness for your walks and put the whole dragging issue behind you forever!


This cozy and eco-friendly hemp harness is fleece lined and comes in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes that can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of breeds.



The design of this Sporn Pull-Stop style dog harness is constructed with soft sherpa sleeves that help prevent chafing and irritation for your pet.



Or if you own a smaller breed and have concerns about  avoiding delicate dog trachea injuries, this cute camouflage harness is stylish and also provides much safer support than using a dog collar alone.

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