Ceramics by Len Carella — Pottery For A Stylish Home


Ceramic bowl

Ceramics make for great sculpture decor, ready to sit in any spot of your home. It moves easily, and usually doesn't require too much color matching. Check out this unique blend of ceramics and textiles from artist Len Carella, sure to pique your interest in a new piece of pottery!

Ceramic Bowl

Len Carella works out of a San Francisco studio, creating hand made pieces in porcelain and Black Mountain clay. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is shaped to perfection. I love the robust roundness of each piece, embodying its own unique personality and delightful aura.

Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic bowl

The lidded jars collection dons a mix of pottery and fibre textures, with leather, thread, and suede knotted handles. The round shape allows full view of the beauty of the ceramic material used, with little added accent needed. Don't be surprised if you find toys hidden inside at home!

Visit the Ceramics by Len Carella website for more from his vast collection and ordering details.


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