15 Crafts for Toddlers That Are Beautiful Enough to Keep


One of the many surprises of motherhood (and trust me, there are QUITE a few) is the amount of general and miscellaneous refuse one child can bring about: Toddler crafts that amount to not much more than doodles, cereal jewelry, trinkets, and stuff doused in glitter. One of my responsibilities each day is to weed through the stack of items the children leave on the counter. If I shirk my responsibility or (gasp!) get sick, the counter is quickly swallowed by a mountain of makings. I am all for creating and making and getting into the process, but it accumulates like crazy. And, let’s be honest with each other, not all of it is worth saving.

But because we want to encourage our children to think creatively and we want to give them the opportunity to try new things, we will keep making things with them. The good thing is that some projects are actually worth keeping. I’m serious! I’ve rounded up some crafts for toddlers that your children can make that can be used or hung in the house. You will love them, and the little ones will love them even more.

Jackson Pollack Murals

abstract art

Tutorial & image: Meri Cherry

Who needs an exorbitant original when your little one can be the artist and the result is worthy of its own gallery showing? With this project, you and yours will be well on your way to creating a masterpiece.

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Biscuit Cutter Bird Feeders

bird seed shapes red ribbon

Tutorial & image: Messy Little Monster

Get the little biddies in the kitchen to mix up and cut out cute-shaped food for the birds. Then break out the binoculars.


Painted Poppy Coffee Filters

coffee filter poppy red button

Tutorial & image: Happy Hooligans

I love coffee filter flowers (see how to make your own coffee filter flower crown here). They are simple and cheap, and just about everyone can make them.


Scribble Initial Tee

crayon scribble S tee shirt

Tutorial & image: Aesthetic Nest

And they say scribbling isn’t good. Guess they haven’t seen this shirt.

Nail Polish Planters

painted flower pots


Tutorial & image: Hello Glow

This project needs a little more “adulting,” but everyone will love how they turn out. Watering plants in pretty pots is so much more fun than watering plants in plain pots.

Cereal Box Jet Packs

cardboard jet packs kids

 Tutorial & image: Small Fry Blog

I like projects with a purpose. Turning a craft project into a toy that provides subsequent hours of play is a winner in my book. These cereal box jet packs will no doubt lead to imaginative afternoons of pretend flight. Up, up and away!

Prism Candlelight Jar

mason jar prism candle

Tutorial & image: DIY Ready

I adore this. Help them brush the glue onto the jar, then let your toddler’s little hands get a fine motor workout adding the glass beads to it. When the project’s all finished, everyone can enjoy the lovely light.

Canvas Letter Art

canvas letter art

Tutorial & image: Homemade Ginger

Everyone loves their initial, and this kind of art really personalizes a space (like a bedroom!). This project doesn’t have a lot confines; the design is subjective, which makes it ideal for budding artists.

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