DIY Home Project: Starburst Mirror


Starburst Mirror DIY

A starbust mirror makes a great decorative piece for your home, but this item can be pricy. Forget those store bought pieces, this is a home project you can totally do yourself in four simple steps. A fun craft with easy instructions? This one’s got your name on it!



  • brightly-colored striped straws
  • plain circular mirror (mine was about 6 inches wide)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun (NOTE: be very careful when using this, and keep away from kids)


Step 1: Using your hot glue gun, start by pasting four straws in four “corners” of the mirror (north, south, east, and west). Make sure your straws are evenly placed. We’ll be making three straw sizes: short, medium, and long. These four straws are the long straws.


Step 2: Take eight straws and cut about one inch off the end of each straw. These are the medium-sized straws. Glue two medium-sized straws on either side of the long straws. Again, make sure your straws are evenly placed.


Step 3: The short straws come next! Take another eight straws and cut about 2 inches off the ends. Place these on either side of the medium straws. Continue in this pattern so that the sun’s straw “rays” alternate in a long, medium, and short sequence. Continue around until they’re all done and evenly spaced.


Step 4: Make sure the glue is dry and the straws are set. Hang on your wall and enjoy!


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